The Lord of Darkness and the Master of Bats were the godfathers of this slot machine. Merkur Gaming jumps on the trend train and brings out “Vampires”, the slot machine for all undead and blood lovers. Mercury Gaming takes us to a dark, enchanted castle on a mountain. Many legends entwine around the castle and dark figures are up to their nastiness in the old halls and the cemetery next to the castle. A vampire who falls in love with a mortal woman… That sounds a lot like Twilight. Maybe that was the idea behind the game. For romantics and vampire fanatics, the slot machine is definitely the right thing. We’ll see if it’s also worth it for thoroughbred players. See you in Dracula’s Castle!

Technical Features

The Prince of Darkness opens the gate to the slot machine “Vampires” and invites the players to win. Hopefully not a blood bank, but a good chunk of money! The slot machine has five reels and five paylines. This is definitely better, as new slot machines have up to 243 paylines. The symbols on the reels could all be Count Dracula’s possessions: a chalice with bat, a deck of cards with K, Q and J, the vampire castle, a magical sword, the innocent girl and finally the vampire who represents the wild symbol here. The background of the slot machine is a dark forest, full of bats and stone dragon sculptures. Vampires with little blood thirst can start playing from 0.05€, as long as they don’t hit the sunlight. Vampires, however, who feel a crazy thirst for blood and risk everything can bet up to 10€. That’s not too high either, paired with the low number of paylines, Merkur Gaming slows down the fun a bit. The RTP rate is still 96.0%, so each player must decide for himself whether he really only wants to place the minimum bet. With this slot machine, a higher stake makes sense in order not to waste precious time. If you want to play fast and effectively, you can also press the Autoplay button here, as always. The reels then spin all by themselves and all you have to do is wait and see. The buttons in this slot machine are practical in any case, you can individually adjust how you want to play. There is also a Max Bet button that you can click on and then automatically play with the maximum amount. If the player wins, this will activate some animations in the slot machine, such as a bat shadow flying away from the reels.

bonuses and winnings

As soon as you land three or more wild symbols, you will hear a small sound effect. The wild symbol here is the vampire who is damn young and Edward (we know which one is meant) looks damn similar. He is the symbol that pays off the most. He completes paylines if necessary and three or more symbols trigger 15 free spins. A special feature of the Free Spins is that the Wild symbol that appears during a Free Spins turns all other symbols into Wild symbols. This can trigger the slot machine’s biggest wins! So eyes on!

There are no fancy ideas in this slot machine and even the few paylines irritate. But once you’ve figured out how much the wild symbols and free spins can pay off in the game, it’s really fun. We were able to win a lot during our test and are definitely more convinced of the game than at the beginning.