Imagine a lunar landscape in which magical creatures in tight robes fight against something. Heavy Metal Warriors™ is a mixture of monumental film and Sucker Punch, a slot machine consisting of 5 reels and 25 payment lines that combines science fiction and fantasy. Very attractive ladies play the leading role here. The title of the outstanding developer iSoftBet is very atypical due to its soundtrack, which consists exclusively of heavy metal pieces. Heavy Metal Warrior™ is also a kind of by-product of the Canadian animated film Heavy Metal, released by Gerald Potterton in 1981. The original work also had a successor called Heavy Metal 2000, which was released the same year. Be that as it may: this is about the iSoftBet slot machine and we want to reveal all its secrets to you.

The cousins of Xena, the fighter, will keep you company

Men will have a great time playing Heavy Metal Warrior™ At the iSoftBet Studios video slot machine you will be accompanied by four to the teeth armed young women in murderous curves who would give anything to crack a 2,500€ jackpot. If you’re playing in such an inhospitable environment – the background of the game is a lunar landscape with crevices, rocks and other isolated stones – you’d better be in good company. That’s good, because your well-equipped bodyguards are not only desirable, but also very skillful with the weapons and can protect you from all kinds of dangers. Your adventure is very varied and is accompanied by the sound of drums and electric guitars. Finally Heavy Metal Warrior™ does not bear its name for nothing and is characterized by the omnipresence of music pieces, which will please the lovers of Pantera, Alice in Chains or Jane’s Addiction.

Simple basics, dynamic graphic depth

Despite a simple character design and the fixed character of the icons in Heavy Metal Warrior™, the oil color texture of the pictures has its own charm and fits to this imaginative game. The personalities are special and very realistic. In order to emphasize the important role these weapon-equipped top models play in the game, the developers have chosen an especially artistic way to create the other symbols that seem to come directly from poker. iSoftBet doesn’t work miracles, but offers a convincing formula. Especially since the game offers a lot of animations that enhance the dynamics of the game play: even the first sight of the brunette warrior will delight you when she pulls out her crossbow and arrows to clear her way. And don’t forget: the flame explosions in the background.

A winning frequency that’s worth seeing

We had the chance to test the iSoftBet Studios game and were surprised by the frequency of the wins, which are selected by a random number generator, which is more generous than usual. Whether in manual or automatic mode, the powerful game icons often appear and unlock unexpected functions for the player. The free spins and wild symbols become your best friends and you can easily triple your initial bets. Speaking of finances, we’d like to remind you that the payment ratio at Heavy Metal Warrior™ slot machine is suitable for any budget: if you don’t bet on all 243 official paylines, your maximum bet should not exceed €100. You must know that you are already in the game for a stake of 1 cent or more. With a payout ratio of 96.5% it seems as if you will always be the winner at Heavy Metal Warrior™.

A charm offensive to the end!

You can say it quite clearly. Heavy Metal Warrior™ is a game for men. The voluptuous curves of your charming new girlfriends will not go out of your head, especially when the young women animate themselves as soon as you receive winnings on free spins and wild symbols. The “Heavy Metal” bonus icon allows you to participate in a “Pick Me” mini-game where you have to click on a selection of icons that hide a different number of free spins. Even if you need to collect at least three “Heavy Metal” icons on the screen, the winnings will still be considerable. We can promise you that. The shield’s wild symbol should also remain in your field of vision as it can replace any other symbol to increase your winnings. However, the bonus is most efficient during free spins, as the pretty archer comes into play and gives you great winnings.

Heavy Metal Warrior™ is a fun hybrid game with a winning formula: attractive girls with perfect bodies, weapons for men who don’t have enough testosterone, and the good old metal music to stay in rhythm until the end. The Heavy Metal Warrior™, clearly reserved for an adult audience, deserves an excellent mark for the artistic design and the undisputed chances of winning.