No problem people, Thunderkick is back! With the new slot machine Frog Grog the developer of casino games follows his own established line as master of innovation and spectacle. Frog Grog is a colorful slot machine that, as usual by Thunderkick, comes with appealing graphics and an interactive environment.

Last Thunderkick had Spectra and Babushkas to play. Both were excellent slot machines that were warmly welcomed by the players. Now, Frog Grog, a slot machine with a funny name that probably only tells Scandinavians something between the lines, has been added. Basically, this is about a frog that has learned the brewing skills of an alchemist and is as good at quacking as toads. Whether this plays well or if you should rather do without this video slot, you can find out now!

Technical features

Frog Grog is based on the usual mechanics of 5 reel slot machines. Sometimes such reels are equipped with four symbols, with slot machines like Dazzle Me or Moțrhead there are sometimes three, sometimes four and sometimes five, but with Frog Grog you stick to the standard of 3 symbols per reel. With these symbols, players can serve different paylines, of which there are 23 in total Рan unusual number!

Look, in Frog Grog you can easily play without worrying big about betting. Some slot machines make it complicated by offering the player the choice of different coin denominations and different numbers of coins on a line. This concept is as complicated as this sentence, you can believe us. So we’re glad we’re dealing with a concept that only uses bet sizes. You choose a bet between 10 cents and 100 euros and the round can start!

Of course with a video slot from Thunderkick you can’t help but mention how good the graphics are it. Frog Grog convinces with a colorful game of lights. In a cellar vault there is a shelf, in which symbols stand, which strongly remind of a chemistry laboratory in the Middle Ages. Sometimes there are butterflies in large glasses and belly dancing flowers. In front of it there is a large cauldron in which a golden liquid boils. Thunderkick uses winning combinations to let these game elements interact with each other, creating an impressive spectacle.

As we know, a Thunderkick game is always perfectly adapted to its players. You want to play Frog Grog on a PC or laptop? No problem! Or on a smartphone? Both Apple devices and Android smartphones are supported! Sound and graphics don’t differ.

bonuses and winnings

Thunderkick is known for the innovative power that has made the developer of slot machines famous. Fruit Warp was probably one of those games that attracted attention with an interesting and completely new bonus system. But what can the player expect from Frog Grog?

Our favourite feature is the Mystery Game. The Mystery Game starts unexpectedly, but often and removes all symbols except the moth, the flower and the frog. Fortunately, the remaining symbols are the most valuable of the game – so here you can see that Thunderkick means well with the player, because the cheap symbols are exchanged and replaced with valuable symbols!

When the wild frog appears, it really starts with the winnings. Because the frog replaces other symbols and deletes all symbols in the same row and column so that the symbols are replaced and a new win situation can arise.

After a win the multiplier increases. What, there is also a multiplier? Correct! And the best thing about it is that this multiplier increases after every win. The multiplayer can increase up to x7, which is great!

All in all this is a great idea, because with the mystery wins, wild frogs and the multipliers you can win a lot. But we have to warn you that winnings are often not too big if you play without a multiplier. On the other hand, the winnings are often very frequent and it’s hard to forget two or three rounds without winnings. Frog Grog is therefore a fun game, but also useful for financially conscious players.

If you not only love winnings, but also like a spectacular visualization, Frog Grog is certainly the game you’ve been waiting for. With the 23 paylines, there are also plenty of opportunities to make a profit.