Today you can discover with the best variants of the most popular card game Blackjack. Because 17 and 4, Pontoon and many other games can be seen as a variant of Blackjack. For this reason our Blackjack experts have decided to write a complete article about the peculiarities of 17 and 4 as well as the other Blackjack variants. We hope you enjoy reading this article.

This is 17 and 4

17 and 4 and differs in some ways from the Blackjack popular in online casinos. For example, there are two possibilities regarding the number of cards at seventeen and four.

  1. It is played with a deck consisting of 52 cards (French)
  2. It is played with a deck consisting of 32 cards (skat hand)

The values are now different for these two versions.

Variant with 52 cards

>It is counted as follows:

Caution: Here the ace always counts 11 points. So there is no “Soft 17” or similar.

Variant with 32 cards

In this case we have to deal with different values:

Not only that the ace never takes the value 1, but always 11. In addition, you can win directly with a double ace – and depending on the table rules even double.

Game History

The game history of the 17 and 4 is also very interesting. It is the case here that the banker makes a bet – also called Banco – and the players then bet their chips. However, their bets may not exceed the banker’s total betting limit.

When the bets have been placed, the player to the left of the banker begins.

Otherwise similar to Seventeen and Four the Blackjack very. If you don’t know the Blackjack rules yet, we recommend that you take a look at them.

There are also very good online casinos that offer 17 and 4 or Blackjack. The best one is currently Karamba.

There you’ll find more variants that pay off. A very well-known one is called Pontoon.

The Pontoon

The rules of the Pontoon are very different from the classic variant. Here you can find an overview.

tbody>tbody>th>th>Advantages / Disadvantages for the playerFazit<So you have noticed that the pontoon offers lower odds than the classic game. If you are a beginner and want to win, then you better look for another game.But if you are a more experienced player or want to play Pontoon to have fun and discover an alternative variant of Blackjack, then we can only recommend Pontoon.

Rules forPontoon Description
Rules forPontoon
The players draw at 14 or less. If the pontoon has a lower or equal score of 14 they only have the chance to claim a new card. This rule significantly reduces the players’ chances of winning, as it is impossible to use the basic strategy. Interesting
The players can move after doubling. In contrast to classic Blackjack, where players can only get one additional card after doubling, players can draw multiple cards after this action in the Pontoon. This rule allows to restore balance and is an advantage for the players. Is not interesting
On a hand with 2-4 cards the players can double. On a pontoon the players can also double if their hand consists of 2 to 4 cards. In the classic version this is only possible with the first two cards. This rule gives players an advantage. You should keep in mind, however, that doubling with 3 or 4 cards can be very risky. Is not interesting
The dealer’s two cards are dealt face down. In a pontoon, the dealer’s first two cards are always dealt face down. It is definitely a disadvantage for the player, because he can’t predict if the croupier can make a 21 like this. That’s interesting
In case of a tie the croupier always wins. In the classic version the player gets his money back in case of a tie. With the Pontoon, the croupier always wins if there is a tie. This is probably the worst rule for the player, as it massively affects his winning chances. Interesting
The player can beat the croupier with a hand of 5 cards. If the pontoon player manages to make a hand with 5 cards without exceeding 21, then he wins the game. Although it is very difficult to get this combination, you should know that you will automatically beat the croupier even if he has 21. This is not interesting
The “pontoon” replaces the word “21” To make a pontoon, the player must have a hand consisting of a 10 and an ace. The payment ratio for the pontoon is 2:1, as opposed to 3:2 in the classic version. This is not interesting